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The Mobile Educational Multimedia Studio

We are the Mobile Educational Multimedia (MEMa) Studio



Our passion at The MEMa Studio is to provide underserved youth with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a state of the art audio and film studio, with the industry's top professionals.

Join us in contributing to the education of the next generation of creative minds, as we help prepare them for careers in the world of music and film.

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The MEMa Studio is a nonprofit organization committed to exposing underserved youth to an arts education in a recording studio on wheels, housing state-of-the-art music and film technology.

The Program connects students with industry professionals to conduct music, video production, and career skills workshops, through a program called "TechKno Camp". TechKno Camp 2016 is currently running in conjunction with After School Matters - a non-profit organization that offers South Side Chicago high school teens innovative out-of-school activities through S.T.E.M. programs and the nationally recognized Gallery programs.

Participating in a 1-3 day program, students will have valuable hands on experience in all areas of audio and film production, as well as instruction in ergonomics, studio etiquette and professionalism. Students will gain self esteem, create new friendships and have learning experiences which will help see them through to the next phase of their music & arts education.